We want to provide you with a variety of options, while fishing for the highest quality trout in the area. Our goal is for you to have a fun and rewarding fishing experience regardless of age or skill.

*No fishing license required
*Bait & rod rental available
*Catch & release or catch & keep plans
*Fish stocking available

Fishing Hours
Mid-March & October:
Open Saturday and Sunday, 8 AM – 5 PM

April & September:
Open Friday-Monday, 8 AM – 5 PM
*Closed Easter Sunday

May through Labor Day:
Open 6 days a week, 8 AM – 5 PM
*Closed Wednesdays

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Fishing Plans

Catch & Keep Fishing
For those who want to keep the fish they catch

Rainbow Run (The Glory Hole) – Entrance Fee: $15.00 per fishing rod
All trophy trout- $13.00/lb.
Trout less than 16″ – $7.60/lb.
*Additional charges for gutting/filleting

No releasing of fish with this program; netting required
All necessary fishing equipment available
Ice coolers and bait available for purchase

Paradise Pond – Entrance Fee: $5.00 per fishing rod
(Family of 4 or more, $4.00 per rod)
All trout $7.60/lb.
Our 2-acre Paradise Pond is stocked with thousands of tiger, rainbow, brown, brook and golden trout that are 11″ and up. No releasing. Netting required.

Catch or Release Fishing
Decide which to keep and which ones to release back into the pond

Very popular! Barbless flies and in-water releasing required. Wading encouraged. Both Paradise Pond and Sunset Lake are fishable catch-and-release ponds. Paradise Pond is our 2-acre trophy pond containing trout 11″ and up.
Fishing rate – $12.00 / hr.

Bait/Lure Fishing
Growing rapidly in popularity! Barbless circle hooks required with bait.
Only single or double barbless hooks are allowed with lure fishing.
In-water releasing allows us to offer this unique plan in our 6-acre pond, Sunset Lake. Contains trout, bass, perch and crappie.
Fishing rates: $12.00 / hr.
                              $9.00 / hr. (family/group of 4 or more)
All trout kept:  $7.60/lb.

Exclusive Flyfishing Pond Access
Our 2-acre catch and release flyfishing pond is stocked with thousands
of brook, brown, rainbow, golden and tiger trout.
       *Groups of two or more fishing
       *April or September (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday)
       * May through Labor Day (Wednesday only)
       * October (Monday – Friday)
       *Must be booked in advance

Half day rate:
     * 4 hours of fishing
     * 1-7 people fishing
     * $275.00
     *For groups of 8 or more, call for rate

Full  day rate:
       * 8 hours of fishing
       * 1-7 people fishing
       * $480.00
       * For groups of 8 or more, call for rate
          *Call Glenn for details: (814) 274-8309